Comments from parents of pupils attending Platform:

My daughter has been enjoying each session of platform and has gained lots of knowledge about different subjects – it has definitely helped her with the 11+ test.

Every time she has been inspired in all the subjects taught in Platform. e.g. she has started to play tennis and inspired her friends too.

We really appreciate the standards of teaching and fun in Platform for our daughter – it has made her more motivated and confident about her abilities to learn more and we think it will help her for life

We would like to say thank you as we are very appreciative of all the effort, resources and material invested in our son. He has benefited greatly from the course, discovering new interests in a wide range of authors, books, vocabulary and his enthusiasm for learning has increased. The programme has been an inspiration to our son, who speaks highly of his experiences at Westminster to all his friends and family. Please continue the fantastic work you are doing. Platform has ignited a flame in our young man and has shown him that hard work will payoff: something we have always instilled in him from an early age. Thank you.