Platform is for Year 5 pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds with intellectual ambition and academic potential.

The programme aims to fuel the ambition of boys and girls who show excellent academic potential in Key Stage 2. In particular, we want to provide new and different learning opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. We work with Headteachers in over thirty London primaries to identify the pupils in their schools for whom this programme will have the most meaningful impact.

Platform pupils enjoy a rigorous, challenging and eye-opening educational experience – a preparation for future opportunities and success. At the end of the programme, boys and girls may choose to sit the entrance examinations of selective state schools, academies or independent schools where full bursary provision is available. Boys have the opportunity to apply to Westminster School for entry at 11+, and are supported through this process. We would expect that all pupils participating in the Platform programme would come from households which qualify for a full bursary.