Who’s it for?

Platform+ is for Year 10 students in the maintained sector, who have all-round intellectual curiosity and a proven passion either for science or liberal arts subjects.

Westminster School is committed to providing high quality learning opportunities to those for whom it can have the greatest impact. In particular, it is our aim that the Platform+ initiative helps reduce educational inequalities. As such, priority is given in the nomination process to disadvantaged students, such as those who attract Pupil Premium funding.

Participating students will be highly academically able – for example, they might be expected to achieve a high grade 7 or above at GCSE.

Lessons will be interactive and will call upon learners to be proactive, open-minded and engaged. In the STEM pathway, there will also be some practical work and opportunities to use equipment that is not usually available to GCSE students. All participants will enjoy a rigorous, challenging and eye-opening educational experience – a preparation for future opportunities and success. Both boys and girls have the opportunity to apply to Westminster School for entry at 16+.

A Westminster School Initiative