Week 1 ENGLISH What do we mean by nationalism? Where have we seen it before?
Key/contrasting texts or passages: how are nationalist identities articulated?
Week 2 HISTORY Where have we seen nationalism in the past?
What has driven it? What have been its implications for the course of history?
Week 3 CLASSICS What did nationalism look like further back in history?
To what extent is there continuity between the classical age and the present day? Is Western culture inherently nationalist?
Week 4 MFL What can we learn about nationalism in other cultures if we study texts in their original form?
How does this help us understand or critique our own sense of national(ist) identities?
Week 5 HISTORY OF ART How have artists represented nationalist identities?
How have visual arts been used to challenge or undermine nationalist identities?
Week 6 RELIGION & PHILOSOPHY The ethics of nationalism
Is nationalism dangerous?
Week 7 ARCHIVES & RESEARCH Visit to Westminster Archives
Begin group research project
Week 8 LIBRARY Work on group projects
Week 9 PRESENTATIONS 1 Presentations of your thematic research
Week 10 PRESENTATIONS 2 Presentations and graduation