Pupils attend Saturday morning classes approximately every three weeks starting in January.

These classes take place in relevant specialist departments at Westminster School. Our STEM course runs on-site at the Robert Hooke Science Centre. Each lesson is taught by a specialist Westminster teacher of that subject.

Saturday sessions run from 9.30am to 1pm, roughly every 3 weeks during term time. There is also a summer school component, which runs on 2 full weekdays in early July.

  • In the STEM pathway, participants will be able to study stretching and challenging material in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science. The course is delivered by Westminster School teachers primarily in their newly refurbished science block.
  • In the Liberal Arts pathway, Students will study a given theme through the lens of a range of humanities subjects. We will encourage students to consider and explore the links between these subjects and engage critically in the modes of study that these subjects offer. Academic sessions will be led by specialist Westminster teachers. No prior study of Classics or History of Art will be required, but we anticipate that all students will be studying the full complement of five EBacc subjects.


Session 1 22 January 2022
Session 2 5 February 2022
Session 3 26 February 2022
Session 4 19 March 2022
Session 5 23 April 2022
Session 6 7 May 2022
Session 7 11 June 2022
Session 8 25 June 2022
Session 9 10 September 2022
Session 10 1 October 2022