Benefits for pupils

Learning at Platform is inspiring and motivating; it complements and extends the learning at school.

We work closely with Head Teachers to support the pupils and to provide them with exciting and eye-opening academic challenges.

We work closely with Headteachers to support the pupils and to provide them with exciting and eye-opening academic challenges. The programme includes a full range of academic and creative activities, and students will have the opportunity to learn alongside their peers from other schools in London.

If they and their parents choose to pursue an application for a selective school, we offer practical and academic support to help pupils prepare for the tests and admissions procedures. Any boy who is successful in an application to Westminster will have bursary support for the duration of his career at the school. Advice is also given about other schools offering extensive bursary provision.

Platform helps boys and girls, and their families, to explore the opportunities at a full range of selective schools, in the independent and maintained sectors.

A Westminster School Initiative