Platform+ 2021 comes to a close!

Pupils from our 2021 cohort had their final session on Saturday 2nd October. It was such a shame to see the pupils depart for the final time but we hope that they had fun and enjoyed all of our sessions both online & in-person. We are starting our recruitment drive for 2022 now. Click on Platform+, and fill in the form found within ‘How to Apply’ if you’d like to be considered!

Preparing for Platform (Year 5) Session 2

Preparing for Platform (Year 5) Session 2

For English:

  1. Atom Learning Tasks
  2. Please read Cole’s Kingdom

You can access the online resource library here.

For Maths:

  1. Read the 10 page overview, including the two articles ‘Sir,whyarewelearningthis?’ & ‘LoveMaths’
  2. Atom (Jan Maths Homework Number 1)
  3. Watch the video:

You can access the online resource library here.

For Art:

  1. Have a look at the two slides on Portraits in the online resource library (look under Session 2 – Art)
  2. Please try to have with you, on Saturday
    • a pencil (HB is ideal)
    • a pen – fineliner or biro
    • a felt tip pen, preferably a dark colour
    • A4 drawing (plain) paper
Troubleshooting tips for joining live zoom lessons

Troubleshooting tips for joining live zoom lessons

To join the zoom lessons, you’ll need to be using the Platform zoom account.

If this isn’t working, please check the following steps:

  1. Log into the pupil’s @platformschool email address (via, using the username and password that were sent on Thursday 14th)
  2. Find Outlook and open the email inbox
  3. Find the “invitation to join zoom”
  4. Click the option to “sign up with a password” (not google/facebook)
  5. Once you are signed into zoom, click the lesson link in the Platformschool email inbox to join the lesson
2020 Platform+ Programme Evaluation

2020 Platform+ Programme Evaluation

This is what our 40 Platform+ students from the 2020 cohort had to say about their experiences:

In our 2020 programme evaluation…

  • 100% of participants felt that they had learned things they wouldn’t otherwise have learned
  • 100% of participants felt they had been academically challenged
  • 86% of participants said that they felt more confident approaching their A-level studies
  • 86% of participants felt that the programme had boosted their academic confidence
  • 81% said they had become interested in new or different subjects
  • 73% of participants felt that the course had helped them consider their GCSE learning in different ways
  • Students on average gave the teaching a rating of 4.77 out of 5
  • 86% of participants said they would definitely recommend Platform+ to other students in their schools; the remaining 14% said they would ‘probably’ recommend it