This is what our 40 Platform+ students from the 2020 cohort had to say about their experiences:

In our 2020 programme evaluation…

  • 100% of participants felt that they had learned things they wouldn’t otherwise have learned
  • 100% of participants felt they had been academically challenged
  • 86% of participants said that they felt more confident approaching their A-level studies
  • 86% of participants felt that the programme had boosted their academic confidence
  • 81% said they had become interested in new or different subjects
  • 73% of participants felt that the course had helped them consider their GCSE learning in different ways
  • Students on average gave the teaching a rating of 4.77 out of 5
  • 86% of participants said they would definitely recommend Platform+ to other students in their schools; the remaining 14% said they would ‘probably’ recommend it